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BMW Maintenance 101

How many miles can I go before my BMW needs an oil change?
Most new vehicles can go 5,000 miles between oil changes, but you can always check your owner’s manual for more specific information about your vehicle and when you will be due for specific types of services. If you are unable to find your owner’s manual, we can help you determine the intervals when you call into our service center.
When should I replace the battery?
To better determine when you should change your battery, you will want to check the warranty date on it. The letter stands for the months (A for January, B for February, etc.) and the number stands for the year. If you see D18, then is means April 2018. You should change your battery before this date to ensure that you don’t end up with a dead battery and stranded somewhere. Additionally, you can have your battery checked at our service center to make sure it is functioning properly.
What if my vehicle doesn’t start?
When your vehicle will not start, there are a few things that could be the issue such as a dead battery, a bad alternator, or a bad starter. It could even be a bad sensor or a stretched or broken timing belt. If it is the starter or dead battery, you will hear a click when you try to start the ignition. To determine which it is, you can use a voltmeter to check the battery. When the vehicle is off, it should show 12 volts. When you turn the key to start the vehicle, it shouldn’t drop below 10.50 volts and if it does, then it is most likely the battery.
What if my “Service Engine Soon” light turns on?
When this light comes on, we recommend that you bring it to our service center to have it checked. We have a special code reader to properly diagnose the problem for you.

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How often should I replace the tires?
The answer for this question really depends on how you drive, the type of tires you have, and the terrain you drive on. Your tires will wear faster on surfaces like gravel. If the tires are made with softer rubber or are considered to be highway tires, they will also wear faster. Every tire has an expected number of miles it is expected to last. However, you should always keep an eye on your tires for signs of wear, imperfections, or low pressure. If you notice that the tread is has reached the wear bars, then it is time for new tires.
Do I need to align my tires when I get new ones?
Getting your tires aligned is always a good idea. If you are showing an uneven wear pattern, then it is time to get the alignment checked.
What kind of tires should I get?
When it is time for new tires, you should tell us about the kind of driving you do, where, how much, and if you drive on rough surfaces regularly. Based on this information, we will be able to best determine the right tires for you.
When should I replace my belts and hoses?
There is no hard and fast rule for replacement. You will want to replace them when they are getting soft or are showing cracks. Additionally, if they are showing dry rot signs, are shiny on the bottom, or if the tensioner cannot keep tension in the belt, it is time to replace them.
What is the difference between OEM and generic parts?
What is the difference between OEM and generic parts? OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” – which means that they’re made by the same people who made your car. In this case, that would be  BMW. Generic parts are normally made by another manufacturer and while they often do fit your car, they just don’t have the types of quality checks that OEM parts do. You can rest easy knowing that at BMW of Freeport, we ALWAYS use only OEM parts for all procedures.


When should I replace my belts and hoses?
The time frame on this is going to vary, but generally speaking soft or cracked hoses should always be replaced. When belts start to show signs of dry rotting, or if the bottom side gets a bit shiny or it can no longer keep tension, you’ll want to change your belts as soon as you can.
What is the difference between OEM and generic parts?
OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” – which means that they’re made by the same people who made your car. In this case, that would be BMW. Generic parts are normally made by another manufacturer and while they often do fit your car, they just don’t have the types of quality checks that OEM parts do. You can rest easy knowing that at BMW of Freeport, we ALWAYS use only OEM parts for all procedures.

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BMW Genius

Introducing BMW Genius at BMW of Freeport
BMW of Freeport wants to make sure you’re able to enjoy everything that BMW has to offer. That’s why we have a team of BMW Geniuses available to provide you with access to helpful product information and answer your questions – no matter where you are. Access our BMW Genius services at any BMW center, on your smartphone or tablet, or by calling our convenient BMW Genius Hotline.
BMW Genius at BMW of Freeport
As your local BMW dealership, we are proud to have a number of product experts on staff to assist you in finding the vehicle designed to perfectly fit your personal needs. Our BMW Geniuses are specially trained to help you become familiar with many different aspects of your BMW–before, during and after you take your vehicle home.
BMW Genius App
Our all-new BMW Genius App is the best way to learn all about your new BMW from your smartphone or tablet. With the app, you’ll find a number of how-to videos that go over the key features and functionalities, as well as product information that is specific to your model. We believe that the better you know your BMW, the more you will be able to enjoy the benefits of BMW’s class-leading innovations.
BMW Genius Hotline
Have a question about a vehicle feature that you’ve never experienced before? Just give our BMW Genius Hotline a call! Our dedicated hotline team is here to help answer any questions that you can think of. For your convenience, be sure to save this number in your vehicle, so you can call us whenever a question pops up.
BMW Genius Hotline – 1.844.4GENIUS (443-6487)
Our BMW Genius Hotline is available Monday through Thursday 9:00am – 9:00pm (EST), Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm (EST) and Saturday10:00am – 7:00pm (EST)
You can also email our BMW Genius team anytime! Please contact us at bmwgenius


Control Your Car. Wherever You Are.
BMW ConnectedDrive synchronizes your BMW’s on-board systems with your smartphone to keep you connected and in control.
Explore BMW ConnectedDrive
Take control before you take off. Remain in control of everything you have going on by turning your BMW into your command center. Regulate your schedule, monitor your vehicle, make travel plans and much more—all before you even get behind the wheel. .
Your drive your way. With the your BMW vehicle’s user-friendly navigation system, interactive voice recognition and motion sensitive gesture control every time you get behind the wheel is a pleasure whether it’s a simple errand or a Sunday drive. Plus the center console wireless charging dock means no more cables.
WiFi Hotspot
Out of the home or office doesn’t mean out of touch. With the Wifi hotspot provided by your BMW vehicle, you can remain connected through your devices so your work and leisure go uninterrupted.
Take your favorite apps and playlists along for the ride.
Audio books. Podcasts. Playlists. Radio. Whatever entertainment you enjoy ConnectedDrive’s the way to access it. Accessing your content, music and stations as just as simple as doing so at home or from your mobile device.
Assistance on Call
In addition to keeping you connected and entertained, the technology in your BMW goes to extraordinary lengths to keep you safe. In the event of an emergency or any other situation where help is required BMW Assist eCall connects you with a response specialist who will ascertain the situation and arrange for whatever help is needed.
AT YOUR DESTINATION Constant Control And Contact
ConnectedDrive uses its technology and connective capabilities to find you a parking space when you arrive at your destination which means no more driving around search endlessly for a place to park.
BMW’s Surround View camera system provides you with a real time 360 degree view of your vehicle at all times for total reassurance.
No idea where you parked. No worries. Your BMW can automatically send a signal to your device to remind you where you parked and can even guide you back to your vehicle.
BMW of Freeport – Bluetooth® Technology
Despite the sophistication present in the technology of today’s BMW vehicles, every system is designed for maximum ease of use, especially while driving. With BMWs hands-free Bluetooth systems, owners can enjoy the most capable in-vehicle communications systems available today. With a deeply integrated system, owners can choose to use the Bluetooth® wireless technology by itself or add in an available snap-in cradle that is designed to provide handset battery re-charging and external antenna connection. For best results, be sure to use BMW compatible handsets that feature compatible software levels, so that you are guaranteed to enjoy a trouble-free performance and have access to all of the supported functions available with your vehicle model.
Enjoy the Convenience of Bluetooth Technology
When you pair your compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile phone with your BMW, you will automatically have access to all of your phone contacts and be able to make outgoing and receive incoming calls. Simply access the call features on your phone from the steering wheel or the radio and control display. Using your vehicle’s microphone, you can comfortably and safely speak hands-free without worrying about cords or an earphone. Amplify your conversation over the audio system and adjust the volume levels that come through the speakers with the volume controls. Additionally, most BMW systems include a speech recognition system that allows drivers to dial out just by saying your contact name or phone number.
Enjoy Freedom of Choice with BMW Bluetooth Technology
At BMW of Freeport, we give you the freedom to enjoy Bluetooth technology with a variety of different phone carriers, including Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T Wireless. You can also choose from a growing list of mobile phones and smartphones that include Bluetooth® wireless technology that have been tested and approved by BMW for guaranteed compatibility.

Does Your Car Have a Safety Recall?

Recalls have been in the news a lot lately. We know you have questions about the effect of these recalls on the safety of you and your passengers. We can’t service every vehicle with an open recall, but we can alert you if your vehicle has one.

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